Yamaha YC61 Stage Keyboard

The Yamaha YC61 may be your perfect stage keyboard!

The new Yamaha YC61 drawbar organ has great features for a digital organ, but it looks like it has plenty to offer to any gigging keyboardist. Though organ tones are its speciality, but there are plenty of other sounds packed in the instrument as well.

The Yamaha YC61 features 61-key waterfall keyboard and is the first Yamaha stage keyboard to include real drawbars, while the organ sound comes courtesy of a new engine that is powered by Yamaha’s Virtual Circuit Modeling technology (VCM). This is designed to recreate the behaviour of all the transistors and resistors of real tonewheel and drawbar circuits, and you get detailed control over your organ’s parameters.

Inside, there is a rotary speaker emulation in the YC61, along with effects. As Yamaha mentioned earlier that it has not scrimped on the non-organ elements of the YC61, meaning either there are two concert grands – S700 and CFX, electric pianos – FM models and synths.

The Yamaha YC61 definitely has the look and everything you need in one keyboard. A portable and lightweight gigging instrument with real drawbars.

The Yamaha YC61 will be available in June.

Yamaha YC61 Stage Keyboard

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  1. admin said

    am February 28 2020 @ 6:48 pm

    The YC61 is a digital powerhouse that might be the most powerful digital organ currently available.

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