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The Yamaha MO8 Synthesizer Workstation is developed to complement musicians to handle challenging situations, due to the ever changing and demanding environments. This contemporary synthesizer is not merely a keyboard but also the heart of a computer based music production studio. The MO8 system includes built-in sequencer and tone generator, which complement  musicians who loves to be on the move. The song sequencer is a scratch pad for musicians to write down their new inspiration immediately. This makes writing new songs much easier and faster.

The MO8 features 88-key Balanced Hammer Effect Keyboard similar to Motif ES8, 64-notes polyphony and 16 parts Multi Timbral. The portable keyboard weight 21 kg. Like all contemporary Yamaha keyboards the MO8 comes with USB “To Host”, USB “To Device” ports and full multi-port MIDI. Just connect the USB “To Host” terminal on the instrument via multi-port MIDI to your computer with a single USB cable, and you’ve got the makings of a sophisticated recording setup.

The MO8 features includes DAW remote control mode which allows musicians  full control over DAW software like volume, mute, solo, 16 tracks selection, Steinberg Cubase’s  Cubase SX 3 and  Nuendo. Total computer integration in MO8 makes it easier for musicians to produce more serious music. Do not be mistaken though that the MO8 is just for acoustic emulations. The 4-oscillator Voices feature multi band filters and snappy envelopes so there’s also a complete selection of analog and digital synthesizer sounds from silky leads, funky basses to atmospheric pads. The MO8 also comes with advanced effects including Reverbs, Chorus & Delays and 16 individual Part EQ.

The Yamaha MO8 is suitable for contemporary producers, project studio owners, home studio owners, performers and songwriters. If you are looking for a light weight portable synthesizer with contemporary styles, voices, complete range of expressive acoustic sounds, powerful on-board effects processing and total computer integration, then the Yamaha MO8 is a good choice.

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