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The Yamaha MM6 Music Synthesizer represents Yamaha’s new generation of the popular MOTIF series instruments; depicting the same sounds of the MOTIF. The MM6 features 61-note keyboard, 32 notes Polyphony with 16 parts Multi Timbral. The MM6 is equipped with powerful voices, real-time recording and gives users full control over the sound. These help musicians create some serious music. The lightweight Portable keyboard weighing merely 11.1 lbs enables musicians to bring it along anywhere they go.

The MM6 features 418 Voices and 22 Drum Kits, similar to the MOTIF synthesizers. These high-quality sounds range from authentic sounds and acoustic instruments sounds to wild, unique and in-your-face synthesizer sounds. An additional 128 Normal and 1 Drum Kit (GM voices) were incorporated into the instrument as well, giving you all you need to play back songs recorded in that popular format. The MM6 is compatible to any computer music software.

The MM6 has a range of Patterns that give you rhythmic backing from R&B, Rap, Hip Hop, Jazz to even world music styles. These Patterns are just what you need to shake up the dance floor and only the MM6 can gives you the real power. The MM6 also incorporates a powerful arpeggiator and 213 arpeggiator types and most of these arpeggiator types use synthesizer lead, piano and guitar Voices, Bass arpeggios and Drum Voice rhythm loops. The MM6 also allow you to make sound changes quickly even in the middle of a song and the Performance Memory is the tool to help you to switch gear smoothly, back track Patterns and other important setting that you are working on. With a full range of Voices and Patterns for you to select and a full control over them these are the features which will entice musicians.

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