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The Yamaha KX8 USB Keyboard Studio features 88-keys weighted GHS keyboard. The KX8 Midi Controller is ideal for music production in studio environment. The KX8 incorporates dedicated DAW control section, a built-in arpeggiator with more than 500 pre-programmed phrases, assignable synth control with templates, impressive software bundled like Cubase AI software, editor software and HALion One, VST instruments ( like guitar, drum, bass, keyboard to minimize the need for complex manual MIDI data programming).

The Yamaha KX8 midi controller is compatible with USB bus power, and can be simply plugged into a USB port and used without a separate power adaptor. The Yamaha KX8 was designed to support creativity and MIDI music composition without getting in the way. Therefore, it is very simple and there are not many features on this keyboard. It has a nice little built in menu though, aside from adjustments for the ARP function and a selection of 5 velocity curves. There is an interesting place in the menu where it enables you to choose which DAW you intend to use, including Cubase AI, Sonar, Logic, and a few others. The knobs, buttons and wheels are solidly built and you get nice crisp feel when you press on the various buttons on the front panel.

Overall the Yamaha KX8 is very simple and it has a nice comfortable key feel. If you’re looking for a complete music production solution or if you are a studio owner, producer or engineer in search of expressive control over virtual instruments, then Yamaha KX8 is a good choice. Imagine being able to create complete compositions with just one finger. The Portable Keyboard weight 15.1 kg.

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