WMD Limited Edition DVCA MKiii Eurorack Module

WMD is back with a new Eurorack module, the Digital VCA MKiii.

The Digital VCA lets signal through like a normal VCA, but the CV and attenuation level is controlled digitally. This enables you do things like wait until there is a zero crossing to change the amplitude, resulting in clickless amplitude changes.

The Trigger mode causes the VCA to only update when a trigger is received. The addition of a noise circuit for each side let it do sample and hold that never droops. With no input, 5V is normaled to the attenuator, so you get a 0-5V sample and hold. In Bipolar mode, you can get -5 to +5V.

Both sides have bipolar VCA mode (polarizer), which lets them invert the signal when negative CV comes in. Also known as ring modulation. With the zero crossing detector, this can produce some super wild wave shapes.



  • Dual VCA Design
  • Unipolar or Bipolar Operation
  • DC Coupled Analog Signal Path
  • Low Distortion / Low Noise
  • VCA Closes Completely
  • Zero Crossing Detector Mode
  • Trigger Mode
  • Two Independent Noise Sources
  • 8 bit CV resolution
  • Great for Fast Envelopes and Sine Bass Sounds

The Digital VCA MKIII is available now for $249, as a limited run of 410 units.


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