Vector Synth Update adds MPE Support


Vector Synth has released an update to the Vector firmware that adds MPE support, and new expressive options for non-MPE controllers.

The Vector synthesizer is a digital synth module that features a hybrid synth engine, 16-voice polyphony, a deep arpeggiator, effects and more.


The new firmware 2.8 exposes the trajectory and synthesis parameters:

  • Horizontal and vertical position of the mix point
  • Suborbit speed and size
  • Amplitude and pitch
  • Filter cutoff and resonance
  • Amount of phase modulation etc. during synthesis
  • Vibrato and tremolo speeds and depths

Each note travels a different trajectory by controlling their horizontal and vertical position offsets.


The Routing Table

The routing configuration is arranged into a neat table — controllers to the left, destination parameters to the right. Each route can have an individually tuned translation function to deal with situations where 1:1 mapping is not enough to achieve nuanced expression. A small live preview thumbnail is provided for each destination.

A single source can transmit to multiple parameters, scaled in different ways, with different operators.

The update is available now as a free download.



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