UDO Super 6 Updated with MPE Support, Binaural PWM and more


UDO has released a new firmware v0.52 for the Super 6 that adds MPE support, Binaural PWM and more.


What’s new in UDO Super 6 Firmware v0.52:


  • MPE Implementation – Implementation tested for ROLI and LinnStrument.
  • Delay Freeze – Pressing the foot switch holds the delay, new notes won’t be added
  • to the delay loop, and the current contents will loop indefinitely. Works best with long delays and moderate levels of delay feedback.
  • Polyphonic LFO2 – 2 individual LFO modules that can be polyphonically modulated to have different frequencies for each of the 12 notes.
  • Binaural PWM
  • Plus “a wealth of additional features and improvements”.


Overview of the new features:


Performance by Hazel Mills that uses the new features:


Below are demos of using the Super 6 with ROLI and LinnStrument controllers:


UDO Super 6 Firmware v0.52 is available now as a free download.




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