Twisted Electrons MEGAfm MKII Synth delivers the sound of second-gen Sega Mega Drive


The original Twisted Electrons’ MEGAfm launched in 2020, was designed to put the FM sounds of the Sega Mega Drive ( Genesis) in an accessible hardware synth.


Now, we’ve got news that a new version MKII is on the way, and it’s based – appropriately enough – on the Mega Drive II.


This was a feature-tweaked, more compact version of the Mega Drive that was notable for using a slightly different iteration of the YM2612 sound chip – the YM3438. And, Twisted Electrons is following suit and putting a pair of YM3438s in the MEGAfm MKII, as well.


In addition, there’s a new circuit layout meaning that users can now access the sound chips simply by removing the bottom panel. In fact, you can even install alternative FM chips if you wish, such as the original YM2612, or custom variants. These can be mixed and matched.


Otherwise, the MEGAfm MKII is very similar to its predecessor, offering the same controls, audio circuitry and analogue distortion. The firmware is interchangeable, as well.


The MEGAfm MKII will be shipping in September priced at €564.


Find out more on the Twisted Electrons website.

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