Tubbutec introduces New Brainstep Eurorack Module at Superbooth 2024

Ahead of Superbooth 2024, being held in Berlin May 16-18, Tubbutec has introduced the Brainstep, a Eurorack sequencing brain, modulation generator and sample player.

Brainstep is a four track sequencer, arpeggiator, sequence recorder, envelope and modulation generator, live performance tool, sample player, clock distributor, MIDI interface and more for Eurorack.

They describe it as “The brain of a Eurorack system.”


  • Four independent tracks, each with the following features:
    • Step sequencer with multiple patterns, song mode and probability per step.
    • Up to 24 patterns, 64 steps each.
    • Notes have four per-step modifiers to trigger accents, portamento or tie.
    • Each note can also be programmed to have one of 4 different gate lengths
    • Gates and modifiers can have various probability levels.
    • Seven directions including smart random modes allow even more sequence variation.
  • Feature rich arpeggiator with multiple octaves and seven direction modes including ‘order of key press’.
    • Can inherit the ‘chemistry’ of existing sequences, for expressive, evolving arpeggios
    • An Euclidian arpeggiator mode creates rhythmic arpeggios on the fly.
  • Optimized for live performance: Quickly create or modify patterns, switch between arp and sequencer, record, change patterns while playing.
  • Live recording
    • Record keyboard presses or arpeggiator output into patterns. The overdub mode makes this a perfect live composing tool.
  • Envelope and modulation generator
    • Each track can output up to 4 envelopes and 2 LFOs for a total of 16 envs and 8 LFOs:
      • ADSR envelopes with loop mode
      • Per step triggerable accent envelopes
      • Free running or syncable LFO with multiple waveforms including random S/H and a wide frequency range
  • Drum sample output
    • Each track can output drums samples:
      • Select between different sample packs or create your own
      • per step modifiers: Accent, double speed, half speed, reverse, gate length
  • CV control: The four bipolar CV-inputs can be freely mapped to many parameters of envelopes, LFOs, sequencer, arpeggiator, probabilities and more
  • Multiple clocking options: Internal clock generator, MIDI clock, analog clock / trigger
    • Clock input and output: Can convert MIDI clock to analog clock, or be used as a central clock source. Clock divider per track.
    • Swing generator for every clock.
  • MIDI input and output: TRS-Midi and USB-C MIDI (Host or Device)
  • Microtonal support: Load scales / tunings from the SD card
  • Save / Load complete sets via SD card

They are also introducing a major firmware update for their MC-2oh2 mod for Roland MC-202 synthesizers. The update brings a live recorder with overdub, per-step probability, a swing/shuffle function and other improvements. The update will be available for download a few weeks after Superbooth.

Finally, they plan to show a prototype of “a rather long TR-style drum step sequencer in 1U.”

The Brainstep is expected to be available in August 2024, priced around €500.


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