Tone Science Triple Cross, New Eurorack Module designed by Electronic Musician & DiN Label Owner Ian Boddy

AJH Synth has introduced the Tone Science Triple Cross module, a design collaboration with electronic musician/composer Ian Boddy.

Ian Boddy also runs DiN Records, and one of Boddy’s big projects in the last few years has been a series of albums focusing on musicians working with modular synthesizers, Tone Science.

The new module follows the Tone Science theme of bringing experimental music to a broader audience, by making it easy for synthesists to experiment with cross-fading and stereo panning of 3 channels of audio and CV signals, with cross-fade & pan both being CV-controllable.

Ian Boddy introducing the Triple Cross module:

Each of the channels can be configured in one of four different ways:

1) One In, One out Linear VCA

2) Two in, One out crossfader

3) One in, Two out panner,

4) Two in, Two out cross fader & reversing panner combined.

Audio rate modulation can also be used on the CV inputs to create Ring modulation and Cross modulation type sounds. Each channel has a dedicated Fade control, CV input, and CV Level attenuverter. These can be used together to bias incoming CV signals.

The L1 and L2 outputs from channels 1 and 2 are normalized to channel 3’s inputs, which also have their own level controls to balance incoming signals. This allows very interesting, complex fading and panning between four different input sources, to either Mono or Stereo outputs.

An example of a composition that explores the possibilities of the Triple Cross module:

The Tone Science Triple Cross is now in production and is expected to be available soon. Find out more on the AJH Synth website.

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