Tiptop Audio & Buchla release 292t Quad LoPass Gate for Eurorack Systems

Tiptop Audio and Buchla have announced the availability of the 292t Quad LoPass Gate, a reissue of the classic 200 series module in Eurorack-compatible format.

With the release of the 292t Quad LoPass Gate, all of the Buchla 200 series designs that have been announced in Eurorack format have been released.

The 292t Quad LoPass Gate is a faithful recreation of Buchla’s classic lopass gate, but in Euro-compatible format. It features four independent channels, with vactrols to capture the capture the sound of the original design. Each of the 292t’s channels can be used in three modes – acting as either a low pass filter with a variable cutoff, a VCA with controllable gain, or a combination of both to create Buchla’s low pass gate effect.

The four channels can also be used together to as a simple mixer, as a voltage processor and more.


  • Quad low pass gate module
  • Eurorack revival of Buchla’s 292C
  • Four independently controlled signals (A, B, C, D)
  • Each channel has a signal input, a CV input, and a signal output
  • Additional “all” output for summed signal
  • Each channel can act in one of three modes:
  • lopass – acts as a lowpass filter
  • gate – acts as a typical VCA
  • combo – combines the other two to form the classic Buchla low pass gate
  • Attenuators per channel to control CV bias or general gain

Tiptop Audio has not announced what’s next in the 200t series, but it seems likely that more Euro format Buchla modules will be on the way, since each of the modules released so far has quickly sold out.

The 292t Quad Lopass Gate Model is available now for $350

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