Tiptop Audio & Buchla Mixer/Preamplifier 207t + Programmable Spectral Processor 296t Modules Coming Soon

Tiptop Audio let us know that the latest modules in their series of collaboration with Buchla will be available soon.

Announced at Superbooth 2021, the Tiptop Audio + Buchla USA 200t series modules back classic Buchla 200 Series modules as affordable Eurorack modules.

Here’s the news that they shared about the new modules:

They’ve completed prototyping and beta testing for the Model 207t Mixer/Preamplifier, above, which was introduced earlier this year at Superbooth 2023.

“We are very happy with how nice both the mixing stage and the microphone preamplifier sound,” they note. “Production has started and we plan to get the 207t released late November early December and will probably price it about $249.

The Mixer/Preamplifier 207t is essentially a reissue of the classic Buchla Mixer/Preamplifier Model 207 in Euro format. It features a six-channel stereo mixer ,with voltage-controlled panning and a single channel preamplifier with impedance and gain switches for a variety of input levels. Also included are per-channel program and monitor switches and a monitor output.

The Model 296t Spectral Processor is a 16-channel bandpass filter, with built-in analysis and synthesis capability. It can be used as a real-time performance filter, an equalizer and part of a vocoder.

Each frequency band has its own control input and envelope follower output, allowing for a wide range of transformations.

“Since its introduction at Super Booth, we have worked on fine-tuning every single function and optimizing automation testing for mass production,” they note. “These efforts have helped us reduce the estimated production cost greatly, and, if there are no last-minute surprises, we are looking at an amazing price of $699 for this jewel of a module. The module will start production next week and, if we are lucky, we might be able to get it out to you early/mid December.

Details on the module are available at the Tiptop Audio website.

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