Tips: How To Use Your Elektron Gear As A Class Compliant Audio Interface

Did you know that most Elektron devices can also be used as a USB Class Compliant audio interface?

This offers an easy way to capture audio to your computer, mobile devices and tablets. The video demonstrates how easy it is to plug and record audio to your Apple device with no additional drivers, app or software needed.

It’s also discusses how you can record audio audio from any of your other gear sources by using your Elektron box as a USB audio interaface. As an example, the video demonstrates running the audio from a Roland TR-606 into the external input of the Syntakt , and then recording all the sounds, from both devices, directly via USB audio into an iPhone.

It also takes a quick look at how you can use the routing options to control what audio you route to USB. The default setting will send the main stereo outs, but you can also route specific tracks, the external inputs, etc. And the video notes that the Analog Heat+FX can also be used to process incoming audio from USB.

Watch the video and share your thoughts in the comments!


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