The VastWave Complex Analog Oscillator designed For Going Beyond Subtractive Synthesis



TEIA Synthesizers shared this video demo of the VastWave complex analog oscillator module for Eurorack modular systems.


The VastWave offers advanced waveshaping capabilities that are designed to allow ‘textural and harmonic exploration beyond subtractive synthesis’.




  • Voltage controlled complex waveshaping
  • Triangle core
  • FM input with voltage controlled amplitude for FM amplitude modulation
  • On board linear Glide
  • Voltage controlled Pulse-width modulation for Pulse and Final Pls waveforms
  • Modern temperature and tuning stability
  • High Frequency (VCO) or Low Frequency (LFO) operation
  • External Timbre input with sine wave normalization if no external source is patched
  • Attenuator/inverter knobs on all voltage controlled inputs
  • Inverted or double Sawthooth waveform (selectable by jumper)


The VastWave oscillator is available now for 360€.






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