The new Erica Synths Black BBD Eurorack Module


Erica Synths has introduced the new Black BBD, a new Eurorack module that features two BBD (bucket brigade device) lines – one short (1024 stage) and one long (4096 stage).




  • Full analogue design
  • Two BBD lines (1024 and 4096 stages)
  • Smooth crossfade between BBD lines
  • Built in LFO
  • CV control over Time, Feedback and Dry/Wet mix


The new BBD essentially take analog samples of a signal, pass each sample down a ‘bucket brigade’, and then convert the samples back into a continuous signal. The more steps in the device, the longer a signal can be delayed at a given quality level.


Both Black BBD stages work simultaneously and you can fade between each BBD mode, creating distinct multi-tap effect. An advanced BBD clock noise cancellation circuit is implemented, reducing unwanted BBD noise, without filtering higher frequencies of the audio signal.


The new Erica Synths Black BBD is available now for €260.



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