The GS Music E7 may have a boring name, but has ‘Bags Of Charisma’


Synthesist Matt Johnson (Jamiroquai), in his latest video, takes an in-depth look at the GS Music E7 polyphonic synthesizer.



Matt Johnson says that, while the E7 may have a boring name, it has ‘bags of charisma’.


As always with Johnson’s videos, this video leaves you with the impression that Johnson could play anything and make it sound awesome. But the E7 also offers a unique take on the classic analog subtractive synth.

GS Music says that the E7 is the first analog polyphonic synthesizer ever made in Argentina. The e7 is a 7-voice, 4-part multitimbral synthesizer that features a completely analog signal path, built-in effects, MPE support and more.

GS Music E7 is available now for $1,600


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