The Alles Mesh Networking Synthesizer Introduction

Synthesist Floyd Steinberg, in his latest video takes a look at the Alles mesh networking synthesizer for the Raspberry Pi – a many-speaker distributed music synthesizer, using UDP multicast over WiFi.

“In this video, I install the opensource software version of the “Alles” networking synthesizer on a Raspberry Pi,” notes Steinberg, “and do some Python programming to create a network of synthesizers, playing a very specific, well-known song.”

While Steinberg’s demo uses well-known song, he notes that the idea of a ‘mesh networking synthesizer’ could be ideal for creating original public music installations.

Source code and project details for Alles are available in Github.

Topics covered:

00:00 hello

00:30 what is the Alles mesh synth?

01:35 hardware needed

01:48 installing & compiling

02:28 programming in Python

03:12 sampled sounds and oscillator basics

04:12 playing back your music

04:31 quick and dirty sequencing using arrays and timers (not the recommended way* )

05:04 using the virtual analog synth to play back a bass line

06:14 some very important things & shoutouts

06:54 programming the chord progression

07:58 addressing individual synths to play back sounds on a certain speaker

09:01 conclusion

09:41 bye-bye

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