Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field Firmware Update adds a Velocity-sensitive keyboard

Remember, at launched, Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field – a grand synth, didn’t have a velocity-sensitive keyboard, but this has now been added via the latest firmware update.


The suggestion on various forums is that, while the OP-1 Field’s keyboard isn’t velocity-sensitive out of the box, Teenage Engineering has come up with a workaround that uses the instrument’s built-in accelerometer to detect how hard you’re playing. The company has yet to confirm this, though.


You can choose from three settings – off, soft and hard. You can pick the one that best suits your playing; setting velocity to ‘off’ will result in an even volume no matter how hard you strike the keys.


Velocity sensitivity is also supported by the OP-1 Field’s built-in sequencers and over external MIDI.


Other features additions in this firmware update include the ability to match the tape speed to the incoming external clock, the option to toggle between mono and stereo on the line-in, pre-tape panning and the ability to sync the FM transmit frequency with the OP-4, Teenage Engineering’s “magical” radio.


You can find out more and download the update on the Teenage Engineering website.

News of the update was also broken in the video below:

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