Tangible Waves introduces the AE Modular Synth Explorer “Ultimate”


Tangible Waves introduces the AE Modular Synth Explorer Ultimate. It is a fully-featured modular synthesizer, designed primarily for educational purposes.


The AE Modular format is a new modular format that is designed to be relatively inexpensive. While it is Eurorack-like, it uses rubber-stamped faceplates and patch-wires for patching, eliminating much of the cost of manufacturing modules. As a result, most AE modules are priced around 20-40 Euro.


The AE Modular Synth Explorer Ultimate system includes the following modules:


  • MASTER I/O (power, MIDI, CV/Gate, Audio in/out)
  • 2OSC/d (two oscillators with sawtooth and square waveforms)
  • DRUMKIT 010 (lofi drum samples)
  • 2LFO (two low frequency oscillators with various waveforms)
  • 2ENV (two attack/decay envelopes with looping function)
  • WASPFILTER (an iconic filter with a lot of character)
  • SVFILTER (a state variable filter which can go into self oscillation)
  • 2VCA (two voltage controlled amplifiers)
  • BRAEDBOARD (a blank canvas for circuit experiments)
  • 2S&H (dual sample and hold)
  • 2ATT/CV (dual attenuator and CV generator)
  • MM-DIV (multi mode clock divider)
  • SEQ8 (8 step CV and Gate sequencer with different run modes)
  • QUANTIZER (4 channel CV quantizer with many different scale modes)
  • METER (oscilloscope, frequency spectrum, tuner, voltmeter)
  • GRAINS (fully programmable module based on the Arduino)
  • MIXER 4-4 (two 4 channel mixers)
  • DELAY (analogue delay)
  • HPAMP (headphone amplifier with dual outputs and volume control)


The AE Modular Synth Explorer Ultimate system is available now for €770.00. Discounted pricing is available for schools and educators.


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