Synthstrom Deluge Upgraded with OLED Display

Synthstrom inform us that Deluges shipped from today will now feature an OLED display.

The update means that the Deluge can now display multiple lines of text and more than four letters on a screen at one. Existing Deluge owners can upgrade to the OLED display, too.

Project Manager Ian Jorgensen notes that “To reflect the cost and development associated with the new screen and the rising manufacturing costs in the synth industry, we’ll be raising the price of the Deluge incrementally over the next 12 months.”

Here’s what they have to say about the Deluge OLED display:

“A very deliberate design choice, the Deluge has, till now, featured a rudimentary 7-segment display. Rohan had always seen the Deluge as an instrument first, a tactile tool that relied on your ears, was intuitive and had its user spending time making music, not diving through menu after menu.

We’ve always acknowledged that the screen does have shortcomings especially in regards to the management of large sample collections, but the trade-off at encouraging users to resort to listening and experimenting is why the Deluge has been such a radical and inspirational tool for hordes of people.

While there is still no ‘need’ for a screen showing more complexity, we realize the time to introduce one is now. With the Deluge being a far more complex beast than we ever anticipated, Rohan has worked out how to incorporate an OLED screen into the current hardware, not only for all future sales, but for any existing user who wishes to update their Deluge too. More details on that below.”

The Deluge is available now, with the pricing as noted below:

  • Sept 9th, 2022: $1249+ shipping
  • From Jan 1, 2023: $1329+shipping
  • From April 1, 2023: $1399 + shipping

Upgrades are available for $149 plus shipping and other associated costs.

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