Synth-Werk SW 1630 Bode Frequency Shifter



Synth-Werk has introduced the SW 1630 Bode Frequency Shifter, a third-party clone of the rare Moog 1630 module.


A frequency shifter is an audio signal modifier which shifts the entire frequency spectrum of the applied signal by a given amount. It delivers completely different effects than speeding up/slowing down audio or digital pitch-shifting, because frequency shifting changes the ratios between the frequency components of the audio. This can create effects ranging from subtle chorusing to complex, clangorous tones.


The Model SW 1630 Bode Frequency Shifter allows the amount of shift to be controlled over a span of -5000 Hz to +5000 Hz, utilizing voltage and/or manual control.


Synth-Werk makes a line of full-size Moog module clones, using the original designs and hand-assembly. The modules are built by hand-stuffing and hand-soldering components to circuit boards, using traditional wiring methods. The faceplates are etched, as the original Moog modules.


Their modules follow the Moog format (5U industry standard), but use modern connections, so they can be easily integrated with “Dotcom-compatible’ systems. The modules can also be modified to work with Moog power supplies.


The SW 1630 Bode Frequency Shifter is available for 1.950,00 Euro. A rack-mount version, the SW 735 Bode Frequency Shifter, is available for 2.250,00 Euro.


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