Superbooth 2022- Teenage Engineering announces OP-1 Field Portable Sound Studio

Teenage Engineering’s new OP-1 field – “louder, thinner and 100 times better”


At Superbooth 2022: OP-1 Field, a successor to the original OP-1 portable synth, sampler and controller that they say is ‘injected with more than a decade of ideas, refinements and improvements, is one of the most iconic music technology products of the past decade.

The Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field features an updated design with 100 new features and it comes in an anodised aluminium case.  Enhancements include a new low-profile frame with floating keyboard, new field color palette, a high resolution screen with flush glass cover, stereo throughout the whole signal chain, bluetooth midi, 24 hr battery life, multiple tapes, styles and recording formats, 32-bit audio, a new reverb and the ‘dimension’ synth engine.


Additionally, there is a new speaker system with a passive driver – expect “detailed, fat and loud sound” – while the new FM antenna can both receive and transmit. All graphics have been reworked, as well.

On the connectivity front, you now get a USB-C port and with full interconnectivity with iOS, macOS and windows, 4-pole audio jack (for headset mic support) and line in and out sockets are more durable.

The new OP-1 is the second in Teenage Engineering’s new complementary ‘field’ range of products, following the recent launch of the TX-6 mini mixer.

OP-1 Field Feature Highlights:

  • lowered frame with new floating keyboard
  • dual velcro back fasteners
  • 32-bit audio
  • FM antenna for receiving and transmitting
  • MFi for iPhone USB MIDI and audio connectivity
  • Eight tapes to record to
  • New speaker with passive radiator
  • Dimensions: 28.8 cm x 10.2 cm x 2.9 cm

The Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field is available now for $1,999.

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