SUPERBOOTH 2022: Qu-Bit Electronix introduces Aurora Spectral Reverb



At Superbooth 2022, Qu-Bit Electronix introduced Aurora, a spectral reverb capable of a wide palette of sounds: from lush caverns and whale songs, to ‘alien textures you’ve never created before’.


Aurora uses a phase vocoder audio engine, which separates the input signal’s time and pitch domains. By blurring these signals, you can achieve beautiful time-stretched tails, or cybernetic metallic effects.



  • Spectral reverb with true stereo audio IO
  • Phase vocoder audio engine running at 48kHz, 24-bit
  • Time stretched tails, icy shimmers, and voltage controlled whale songs
  • Front panel USB port provides easy firmware updates, user options, and more
  • Powered by the Daisy Audio Platform



The Aurora Spectral Reverb is available to pre-order for $359 .




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