SUPERBOOTH 2022: Moon Modular introduces New Moog Format Effects Modules


At Superbooth 2022, synthmaker Moon Modular displayed their Moog format modular line, showcased a new module in their Lunar Effects Suite, and introduced a new dual-VCA module.


The M 532 Voltage Controlled Phase Shifter is a phaser module, based on a classic phaser design. It is a fully analog design, featuring up to eight phasing stages. It features a built-in voltage controlled LFO, with triangle and rising sawtooth waveforms, for modulation. The LFO OUTPUT is normalized to the PHASER CV INPUT. Voltage control over phase shift, feedback and dry/wet mix is also available.


With FILTER MODE in the CLASSIC position, all phasing stages receive the same phase shift information. The SPREAD mode supplies them with different phase shift information.



In addition to the M 532 Voltage Controlled Phase Shifter, Moon’s effects modules include:

  • The M 530 Voltage Controlled Digital Delay – a high quality stereo delay, with many unique features; and
  • The M 531 Voltage Controlled Analog Delay –  an analog delay module, with two separate bucket brigade delay lines.


Lastly, Moon introduced the M502S Simple Dual Voltage Controlled Amplifier, a module that features two separate voltage controlled amplifier circuits, each with its own signal input and signal output, plus modulation input. The module has a continuous linear/exponential controller and switchable AC/DC mode (audio signals/control voltages). The module can act as two independent mono or one stereo VCA.


The Moon Modular M 532 Voltage Controlled Phase Shifter will be available starting in June 2022 for 419 (incl. the German VAT of 19%) or 352,10  export price.

The Moon Modular M502S will be available starting in June 2022 for 279 EUR (incl. the German VAT of 19%) or 234,45  export price.




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