Superbooth 2022: Eventide Misha Instrument /Sequencer is different


Eventide Misha is a Eurorack-compatible interval-based instrument and sequencer that promises nothing less than “a new way to make music”.


At Superbooth 2022: As we are used to seeing Eventide announcing plugins and guitar pedals, but Misha is something else.


Misha is designed to be played like a keyboard instrument, but the ‘interval’ angle and demo video above indicate that there’s something else going on, too. You can make sound via MIDI, control voltage or outputting waveforms with the audio jack, and there are external control templates for MIDI and QWERTY keyboards.


100 scales are supplied as standard, and there are slots for up to 100 user/custom scales. Scala support is here too.


The tone row-based sequencer is inspired by the compositional technique used in serial music, and you can control sequence playback in a variety of ways.


Video via Reverb


Misha  is available for $599. Find out more on the Eventide website



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