Superbooth 2021: TINRS Intros Ardabil & Switch Modules


At Superbooth 2021, This Is Not Rocket Science (TINRS) introduced two new Eurorack modules, Ardabil & Switch.


Ardabil is a utility module, designed to “show you the thread of your signal in one integrated design.”




  • Precision adder – two CV inputs that add together, without changing their scaling.
  • Attenuverter – plug in any CV and let the knob scale your CV up or down -1 to +1 before it is added to your thread.
  • Offset – With this knob you can add a fixed -5V to +5V to your signal.
  • Buffered multiple outputs – Threads into three buffered outputs; one of which has an LED that lights up when there is a positive signal. The fourth jack is a buffered inverted output with a LED that lights up when there is a positive signal (which is a negative signal in the other three outputs).
  • VCA – The CV input controls the volume of the audio input into the output. The CV input defaults to the signal from a buffered output.


The entire thread runs:

Buffered Outputs = Precision adder + Attenuverter + Offset

Inverted Output = Buffered Output * -1

VCA Output = Audio * CV


In addition, Ardabil has second thread running independently upside down alongside it.


Ardabil is expected to be available in Dec 2021, priced at 250 EUR incl. taxes.



Switch is a utility module that features two independent dual gang switches, with three positions, that add a layer of choice to your system.


You can patch up to six things and select two at a time. Twice. Every switch selects one out of three signal paths for both paths.


This Switch module is completely passive and will have no effect on the signal you run through it.


Switch is scheduled to be released in December. See the TINRS website for details.



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