Superbooth 2021: Is Waldorf about to get back on the Wave?


Against all odds, Superbooth is back, with the previously annual grassroots music technology show set to take place in Berlin schedule for 15-18 September. And we can look forward to hearing about some new synth and other sound-making gear.


Walforf prepares to ‘welcome back, old friend’, so is a new synth in the offering?


Waldorf has posted an image of a red button on its social media channels, along with the words “Welcome back, old friend”. While this does not give an awful lot away – red buttons have been a fixture on quite a few pieces of Waldorf kit down the years – excitable types are suggesting that this could mean a new addition to the ‘Wave’ family, which has a history that stretches right back to the legendary PPG Wave.


However, time will tell but, given that Waldorf is booked to attend Superbooth, we can say that the chances of this ‘old friend’ making its reappearance there are rather high.



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