Superbooth 2021: Dreadbox Nymphes 6-Voice Analog Synthesizer Is ‘Stunning & Ethereal’

Official Video Intro:


Superbooth 2021, as promised, Dreadbox has officially unveiled the Nymphes, a compact six-voice analogue polysynth with a digital reverb.


Here’s what Dreadbox say about it:


“The Polyphonic Synthesizer N Y M P H E S was developed during the obscure pandemic times and we really hope that it will bring a pinch of happiness on your face.


We tried to condense an ambitious idea in a small and compact box, without any compromise in the quality of the final instrument.


The result is stunning and ethereal …”


Dreadbox is also making a statement with the release of this synth, saying that it is “dedicated to all abused and oppressed women.” It goes on to say: “May our voices unite and bring light, joy and happiness to this world of injustice and inequality.”


At a time when gender inequality in electronic music is being recognised and challenged, this is a heartening gesture, with the company adding that “Each time you play a note on this synthesizer, imaging that you soothe their pain away and you will become a better human being and synth player.


“Smash the patriarchy.”




  • Analog synth voice
  • 6 Voices Polyphony
  • Lush Digital Reverb (developed by Dreadbox)
  • 12 Envelopes and 7 LFOs (2 envelope/voice, 1LFO/voice + 1 generic LFO) > 6 different playing modes
  • 98 presets memory (49 factory and 49 user)
  • MIDI over USB or via DIN5 (with full CC In and Out documentation) > Compact , USB Powered for maximum portability
  • Durable, Metal Enclosure


Features per Voice:

  • 1x VCO with Wave Forming > 1x Sub Oscillator
  • Noise generator
  • 1x LFO per voice with: Key track, Fade In and Fade out, 5 waveforms and wide frequency (into the FM range)
  • 2x Envelope Generators
  • 24dB/octave Low Pass Resonant Filter with accurate tracking
  • 6dB/octave High Pass Non-Resonant Filter


Common Voice Features:

  • 1x common LFO (named LFO2) that can target any and multiple parameters with different amount to each one at the same time , with: Key track, Fade In and Fade out, 5 waveforms and Wide Frequency (into the FM range).
  • 7x active Chords that you can edit, modulate and store on each preset.
  • Modulation wheel, Velocity and Aftertouch (monophonic) can target any and multiple param- eters with different amount to each one at the same time.


Specifications & Connections:

  • USB powered (1.5 Watts)
  • 50 Playing hours with a 20,000mA power bank MIDI IN via USB or DIN5
  • 1/4″ MONO TS Jack Out
  • 1/8″ Headphones Out


Each voice comprises a VCO with wave forming, a sub-oscillator and a noise generator. There’s also an LFO, two envelope generators, a 24dB/octave low-pass resonant filter and a 6dB/octave high-pass non-resonant filter.


In addition, on a global level you will find one common LFO and seven active chords that you can edit, modulate and store with each preset (there’s space for 96 of these – 49 factory and 49 user). The metal enclosure and simple layout give Nymphes a pleasingly retro look, with a shift button enabling dual functionality from each control.


Nymphes can be powered over USB or run for up to 50 hours using a 20,000mA portable power bank. Connectivity includes MIDI In via DIN and USB, a 1/4-inch mono TS jack out, and an 1/8-inch headphone out.


The Dreadbox Nymphes will be available in November 2021 priced at €499.


Find out more on the Dreadbox website.







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