Strymon Intros StarLab Time-Warped Reverberator For Eurorack


Strymon has introduced StarLab Time-Warped Reverberator, a modular reverb effect in Eurorack format.


Strymon StarLab reverb promises to time-warp you to places that other Eurorack modules can’t.


Following up 2018’s Magneto tape delay, Strymon has stepped back into the modular world with StarLab, which is described as a “time-warped reverberator”. The company says that it set out to create “the highest quality reverb possible for modular systems,” and one that comes with plenty of control.


You can choose from three reverb textures – Sparse, Dense and Diffuse – with each offering a different flavour. There’s also a delay – an expanded reverb pre-delay, in fact – along with a range of modulation effects that can be used on their own or in addition to StarLab reverb.


In addition, there is an LFO, and if you switch to Karplus-Strong mode, StarLab becomes a delay-based, CV-tuneable monophonic string synthesis voice.


You can go even deeper with the Size/Pitch knob, which changes the reflection density and response of the reverb while retaining the integrity of the audio within the reverb. You can also add musical intervals to the reverb signal with Shimmer, and enhance the harmonic spectrum with Glimmer.


Add a filter section – which enables you to sculpt both the reverb signal and the Karplus-Strong string synthesis voice – and an Infinite button (this freezes the audio at the input to the reverb core, while allowing any new audio to be processed by the reverb on top of the frozen audio) and you have got a serious, if slightly bewildering proposition.




  • Three selectable reverb types for a wide variety of ambient textures
  • DELAY/KARPLUS section with feedback
  • Delay assignable to output for mod/verb and delay/verb effects
  • Four-octave Karplus-Strong string synthesis mode with damping control for string/verb full voice capability
  • LFO section with various waveforms to modulate delay time, reverb size, or tone filters
  • FILTER section to sculpt the high and low EQ of the reverb and DELAY/KARPLUS section
  • HARMONICS section to enhance the aural spectrum of the reverb
  • Adjustable SHIMMER for adding pitch shifting of up to +/- 1 octave to the reverb
  • GLIMMER for dynamic enhancement of harmonics
  • Adjustable reverb core size to increase or decrease the space for reflections, allowing for pitch control of the
  • regenerating reverb content
  • 4-pole 24dB/octave variable resonance low pass filter
  • INFINITE freezes the input audio prior to the reverb tank
  • Independent WET and DRY level controls


An in-depth demo from sound designer Pete Celi:


Video Chapters:


00:00 What is StarLab?

00:27 Control Layout

01:00 Sparse Reverb Texture

02:42 Size/Pitch Control

03:54 Dense Reverb Texture

05:06 Diffuse Reverb Texture

06:18 Infinite Button

07:03 Filter Section

08:18 Low Pass Filter Q

08:59 Harmonics Section

10:03 Shimmer Interval

10:50 Regenerating Shimmer

12:00 Glimmer

13:12 Expanded Pre-delay

14:55 Echo Feedback

16:09 Tap/Trigger CV Input

17:22 Input Gain

18:20 LFO Target: Delay (Mod Effects)

19:23 Externally Clocked Delay + Mod

20:05 LFO Target: Pitch

20:59 Size/Pitch Quantize

22:09 LFO Target: Filter

23:21 LFO Shape: Envelope

24:13 Karplus-Strong String Synthesis

25:59 LFO in Karplus Mode

27:17 CV Tuning in Karplus Mode

27:54 String Damping

29:06 Fine Tune

29:41 Karplus Mode LFO Target: Filter

30:43 Portamento (Glide)

31:25 Karplus with Input

32:12 Tuned Infinite Voice

33:02 Onboard Favorites



Find out more on the Strymon website.


The Strymon StarLab is available now for $649.











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