Splice Sounds now works better with your DAW



Splice has just improved its offering with new Bridge, Beatmaker and Astra plugins.


The Splice Bridge lets you match samples to the key and tempo of your track. Bridge is designed to speed up your Splice workflow by syncing the Splice Sounds app with your DAW. This enables you to match samples that you’re previewing to the key and tempo of your track, so that you can try them ‘in situ’ before committing to purchasing.


Bridge is included with the Sounds+, Creator and Creator+ subscription plans, which cost $10, $20 and $30 a month respectively.


The Beatmaker a lean and lightweight drum groove creation plugin that offers both Pads and Sequencer views. Kit presets come supplied, and you can also drag and drop samples onto pads directly from the Splice app. Sample editing is included, as well, while the 32-step sequencer looks nice and straightforward. Finished patterns can be exported as audio or MIDI to your DAW.



Lastly, Astra – a soft synth that Splice says has been in development since 2018. Royalty-free sample provider Splice promises to keep things simple, and includes two oscillators that offer analogue, FM, granular, sampler and wavetable options. Additionally, there is also a sub oscillator, noise generator, multimode filter, two envelope generators, two LFOs, a sample & hold section, and an effects engine.


Beatmaker and Astra are included in the Creator and Creator+ plans.


Find out more about all the new features on the Splice website.



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