Sonocurrent intros 3 Eurorack Modules at Superbooth 2023

At Superbooth 2023, developer Graham Watson made the Superbooth debut of the Sonocurrent Eurorack module line.

The modules include:

  • M T2D dual triode distortion – The M T2D dual triode distortion is a Nutube-based distortion module for the Eurorack format, offering two independent channels which can be patched separately for parallel processing, stereo, or multiple sources, or used in series for more complex distortion of a single source (or simply extreme distortion settings).
  • C GF4 group fader/distributor – The C GF4 group fader/distributor allows a single control of up to four signals, while maintaining the relative levels set by individual attenuators on each channel. Potential applications include use as a macro controller of multiple modulation paths, a variable distributor of a modulation source or control voltage to several destinations, and a group fader control for an audio signal group or stem.
  • M C3A crossfading array – The M C3A is an array of three voltage-controlled crossfaders. The first two stages are arranged in parallel with their outputs feeding the third, central crossfader. Creative blending of up to four input signals is possible with individual voltage control of each crossfading stage. Individual attenuators for each input are provided to set equal levels (or not…) going into the initial pair of crossfade stages. In addition to the main output, direct outputs from the initial stages are available for more elaborate sound design, or to use those stages together in parallel (stereo patches, for example).

Find out more info on the Sonocurrent website.

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