‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’, arranged for solo Haken Continuum Fingerboard


Josh Madoff shared this live performance of Somewhere Over The Rainbow, arranged for solo Haken Continuum.


It’s a virtuosic performance, and a showcase for the expressive possibilities of the Continuum. Madoff incorporates several techniques that would be natural to an ensemble of instruments, but impossible to play on a standard keyboard.

What Josh Madoff shared about the technical details of his performance:

“Here’s an arrangement for Haken Continuum featuring many techniques that are completely unique to this instrument (including counterpoint with polyphonic moving and sliding chords). I wanted to explore the potential of the Haken Continuum as a true solo instrument.

I really wanted to explore what is possible when treating the amazing Haken Contiuum as a solo instrument. The range of dynamics and expression it is capable of is unbelievable.

In this performance, I demonstrate several techniques that are only possible to play on a Continuum. I find it especially inspiring when I find harmonies that normally only work when they are spread across an entire orchestra, yet they work beautifully on the Continuum.

There is no other solo instrument on earth that can achieve many of these sounds!”


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