Shakmat Triple Steeple, Bard Quartet Expand Euro Modules are Now Available


Shakmat Modular has released the Triple Steeple and Bard Quartet Expand modules for Eurorack systems.

Triple Steeple is a three-channel envelope generator, with control over time and symmetry.

With five envelope modes, linear or exponential response, CV control over time, an assignable CV input, and internal normalizations, the module will provide the generation of anything from basic envelope shapes to complex modulation signals.

Bard Quartet Expand adds more capabilities to the Shakmat Bard Quartet quad quantizer.

With the Expand, you get independent gate inputs and trigger outputs for each channel. Thanks to the MIDI input, you can control the scales using MIDI or even transform your Bard Quartet into a MIDI-to-CV/Gate device.

The Triple Steeple is available now for €265 and the Bard Quartet Expand module is available for €105.


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