Shakmat Modular introduces 2 New Modules: Banshee Reach & Jeweler Cast

Shakmat Modular has introduced two new modules for Eurorack modular systems: Banshee Reach & Jeweler Cast.

Banshee Reach:
The module’s heart is based on a triangle core VCO, with thru-zero frequency/phase modulation capabilities. In addition to delivering independently the typical analog waveforms, the Banshee Reach has a vari output, combining a continuously variable waveform, crossfading with a sub-octave generator.

The analog core has been completed with a digital control for frequency locking and octave transposition, which helps make the Banshee Reach performance-oriented. Other features include LFO mode, hard or soft sync, digital noise modulation and PWM.

Jeweler Cast:
The Jeweler Cast melts, bends, and chisels all types of signals, audio, or CV. Composed of two independent sections, the Mix, and the Shaper, the Jeweler Cast combines a ring modula-tor, a crossfader, a wavefolder and a distortion.

This compact, fully analog module can manipulate basic waveforms and complex signals in a wide variety of ways.

Shakmat says that at Superbooth 2023, they will be showing both of these modules, plus some other new modules that they have in the works.

Both modules are available now, with the following pricing:
Banshee Reach – €290
Jeweler Cast – €185

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