Serge Modular Paperface 50th Anniversary Edition – Sneak Preview


Serge Modular shared this sneak preview of the new Serge Paperface easel – Serge Tcherepnin’s 2022 redesign of the original 1st generation Serge synthesizer from 1973.

The video captures a single-take live performance by synthesist Teo Hoffmann playing the 50th Anniversary Edition of the Serge Paperface synthesizer.

The Paperface Anniversary system is a standalone, externally powered, authentic Serge synthesizer.

Panel 1 (Sequencer):

Serge Gate Sequencer

Enhanced SQP4 Sequencer / Programmer with UP/DOWN, HOLD

Serge Metronomic Clock

Bidirectional Router

Enhanced SQP4 Sequencer / Programmer with UP/DOWN, HOLD

Peak & Trough

Panel 2 (Voice):

Serge Vintage Oscillator 2022, temperature-compensated, 1V/Oct

Serge Vintage Oscillator+ 2022, temperature-compensated, 1V/Oct, with PULSE and PWM

Serge Noise

Smooth & Stepped Generator (SSG)

Dual CV-Pro

Triple Waveshaper (TWS)

Serge 1973 VCF + Balanced Output

Details are still to come, but they say it’s coming ‘very soon’.



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