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The Roland Prelude is a Portable and Unique keyboard instrument and Prelude represents Roland new generation home entertainment keyboard. The Prelude features 61 keys with velocity, 128 voices (max) Polyphony, LCD display, Effects: MFX 78 effects, Reverb 5 effects and Chorus 3 effects, tons of top-quality contemporary and authentic ethnic sounds and styles from Roland’s famous sound modules and also from all around the world.

Additionally, the stylish design portable keyboard also features robust sound speaker, and incorporates Playlist Editor and Style Converter software, to enable users to have access to Computer to arrange and customize their songs. The Stylish and ultra-portable Prelude weight 17 lbs. 4 oz.

The Roland Prelude has user-friendly and fun features. For fun features, the Center Cancel translate your favourite pre-recorded songs into sing-along tracks. Whereas, for Performance effects, just wave your hand over Prelude invisible D Beam to manipulate your sounds. Though the Roland Prelude has all the unique, fun and exciting features but still at an Affordable price.

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