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Roland introduce it’s newest synthesizer , Roland Lucina AX-09 Synthesizer. The Roland Lucina AX-09 is a stylish, compact and lightweight shoulder synthesizer with audio player. This stylish Shoulder Synthesizer represents Roland’s bold move and commitment in continuous innovation. The Lucina AX-09 features 37-key velocity-sensitive keyboard, 128-voice Polyphony, 150 high-quality sounds, Category and Preview buttons, USB Memory Audio Player function.

Additionally, the Lucina AX-09 is equipped with robust sound system and expressive controllers. The Category and Preview buttons enable users to quickly select sound and hear selected sound with ease. A USB port allows users to play WAV, MP3 or AIFF format, directly from a USB stick, making it easy for them to jam along with their favourite songs. Audio from an external MP3 or CD player can be played by connecting the device to the EXTERNAL IN jack. Users can also enhance their performances with the expressive controllers built into Lucina, like wave their hands over the invisible D Beam for dramatic effects, and dig their fingers into the Modulation Bar and Touch control to bend, twist, and sculpt each sound they play.

The ultra-light and super easy to use synth is designed to fit all musicians, even kids, and it is a great family keyboard. Strap on the Lucina AX-09 and you are in the spot light. You can play it standing up or sitting down. Designed for mobile operation, the Lucina AX-09 can runs on AC or roam free with batteries. It can runs for approximately four hours on eight Ni-MH AA Rechargeable batteries. The Roland Lucina AX-09 portable keyboard weight merely 3.7 kg and comes in standard Pearl White and premium Black Sparkle finish.

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