Roland JUNO-DS76 Synthesizer


The new Roland Juno-DS76 Synthesizer is portable but has plenty of performance potential. Roland already had 61- and 88-note Juno-DS synths on its roster, and now it is bridging the gap with the launch of the Juno-DS76. If the 61-note model was too small and the 88-note version too large, try this.


The Juno-DS76 features a lightweight design and a 76-note synth-action. Designed for those who want something a little more portable than the Juno-DS88, but still with a keyboard large enough for serious playing and splits, this is a performance-friendly 16-part instrument that contains more than 1,200 patches, 30 drum kits and 64 performances. There are effects and a pattern sequencer, and if you hook the keyboard up to a computer over USB, you can engage DAW control mode.


For keyboardists who mostly play organ, synth, and other sounds, the Roland Lightweight, 76-note Weighted-action Keyboard with Pro Sounds provides increased playing comfort when different sounds are assigned to the upper and lower note ranges. The keys are also a little longer than a standard synth keyboard, offering a playing feel that is smooth and consistent no matter where the key is pressed. And with a weight of just 15.25 lb, the JUNO-DS76 is much more portable than typical 76-note synths.

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