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Roland’s popular GW-8 Workstation evolves with Version 2. The Roland GW-8 Workstation features 61-key keyboard with velocity sensitive. This contemporary music workstation incorporates maximum 128-voices Polyphony derived from famous Fantom-X series, on-board 16 tracks sequencer, tons of contemporary sounds and interactive backing styles, LCD display, a wide variety of Effects; MFX – 78 types, Chorus – 3 types, Reverb – 5 types.

The Roland GW-8 V2 is build on the foundation of intelligent backing-track functionality, contemporary sounds from around the world, and expressive interactive musical styles. The GW-8 Version 2 includes a new Style Composer that enables you to edit the Styles as well as create your own interactive backing tracks and put your personal stamp of creativity on this amazing instrument. This is a great instrument to play. It is user-friendly and the manual, on the whole, is clear.

Roland has obviously put a lot of thought into the GW-8 v2. The Note To Arranger (NTA) function allows hands-free control of the Arranger engine from external Midi gear. It works very well for what it offers, which is a superbly controllable and playable instrument. The Roland GW-8 v2 weight merely 6.0 kg. To sum it all up, this portable keyboard instrument is suitable for solo keyboard players and gigging musicians.

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