Roland FANTOM-X8 Synthesizer/Workstation



The Roland Fantom-X8 comes with 88-note Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard designed to capture the feeling of a grand concert. This workstation keyboard has Roland’s most powerful Sound Generator Chip offering musicians 128-voice polyphony and almost 1GB of wave length memory. The dazzling color LCD screen is the first in a workstation keyboard. With all the images in color, the surrounding becomes more lively and ones mood more pleasure and I bet you would not want to turn back.

The Fantom-X8 can record either short samples for playback on keyboard or long linear takes which is similar to a digital recorder. The Fantom-X8 features a brand new 128MB wave ROM loaded with quality-focused sounds like vivid new string sections, expressive and fat-sounding drums, an amazing new 88-key split acoustic piano sound and rich nylon string guitars, which uses individual stereo multi-samples for each key and at every velocity stage.

The workstation keyboard has Roland’s Skip Back Sampling feature. This feature would relieve musicians from keeping track of their performances because the sampler is constantly recording every note you play. Musicians can instantly retrieve a performance and turn into a sample. This Powerhouse Workstation with an Ultra-Friendly Interface is every Studio Musicians and live Performer’s dream come true!

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