Robkoo introduces futuristic Wind Synthesizer R1

Robkoo has introduced the Wind Synthesizer R1, a futuristic MIDI wind controller instrument, with responsive RGB light bars, motion control, Bluetooth connectivity, customizable hotkeys, onboard sound banks, and a dedicated app.


One of the most distinctive design features of the Wind Synthesizer R1 is how its body lights up in response to the performer’s expression. The instrument responds to the player’s breath, glowing to the tune of over 60,000 colors – which can be customized in JamKoo, Robkoo’s performance app for iOS and Android.


Its inbuilt gyroscope lets Wind Synthesizer R1 players add expression with pitch bend and vibrato by moving the MIDI wind controller instrument itself. You can play in octaves beyond the limitations of acoustic instruments thanks to the triple-octave (-1, 0, +1, +2) keys (on the underside of Wind Synthesizer R1), while a mechanical pitch wheel lets performers pitch freely with their thumb – also customizable to trigger other controls like portamento.

It comes with onboard tones sampled from top performers from around the world – working with sound suppliers like Dynamix Audio (Serbia), Impact Soundworks (USA), Kong Audio (China), Sound Magic (China), and Versilian Studios (USA).


Whether wirelessly or cable connected to an applicable device, Wind Synthesizer R1 is also a capable MIDI controller. It supports MIDI input over USB MIDI (Type-C) and Bluetooth (BLE MIDI). Other connectivity options include a 3.5 mm TRS headphone output, 6.35 mm TRS audio output, and Type-C USB port.


In addition, Wind Synthesizer R1 features a (2600mAh) battery-running time of six hours (with the RGB light bars operating), extending to 10 hours (with the RGB light bars turned off).


Wind Synthesizer R1 is available now in China for CN¥2,999.00. Robkoo is currently working to make it available worldwide, with a projected price tag of around $500.00 later this year.

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