Plasmonic + Expressive E Osmose ‘Are A Perfect Match’

Developer Brian Clevinger, (the creator of both Native Instruments Absynth & Rhizomatic Plasmonic), shared this video, demonstrating how to create and control an expressive MPE pad in Plasmonic with the Expressive E Osmose.

Starting with a basic saw + LPF patch, Clevinger shows how to use MPE to control a number of parameters to build a sound with detailed and organic expression.


Brian Clevinger says that Plasmonic & the Osmose “are a perfect match”.

For those that are interested in exploring beyond the Osmose’s built-in sound engine, watch the video and share your thoughts on the Plasmonic + Osmose combination in the comments!

Find out more about Plasmonic at the Rhizomatic website.

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