Patch Point Fénix II Synthesizer Now Available to Pre-Order

Patch Point has opened pre-orders for the Fénix II PP, a direct descendant of the Synton Fénix II, created in collaboration with designer Bert Vermuelen of the original Synton design team.


It is a fully analog synthesizer, with the same components as the original Fénix II, with a few feature upgrades. These include:

  • VCF3 – Formant Filter – a new modern design using chips instead of vactrols, which allows for voltage controlled resonance and an expanded frequency range.
  • VCF4 – LPG – a new modern design using chips, instead of vactrols, which allows for an expanded frequency range and quicker response, and more accurate control of the length parameter.
  • Delay – The Delay is now a dual delay with a 3rd switch position. delay 1, delay 2, or in the middle both delays mixed, with the additional jack of a second frequency parameter for the 2nd delay. You can now CV control both delays pitches with a separate jack.


  • 3 VCO’s, 3 different VCO’s ( Inputs CV, FM, PWM, Sync e.o, Output square, triagle, sawtooth and some has puls, sub, sine e.o) )
  • 4 different VCF´s ( SVF, 24dB Lp, BPF, 12dB Lp). ( Input CV modulation, SVF has Q-CV control
  • 3 EGR and 4 VCA’s and 5 LFO’s. (Many modules are voltage controlled)
  • 7 Mixers ( 3 audio mixers and 4 DC-Audio mixers).
  • 1 Phaser and 1 Delay (BDD). ( off course voltage controlled)
  • 1 8 step analog sequencer with own clock.
  • 1 Waveshapers, 1 wavemultiplier and 1 full wave rectifier. ( voltage controlled, except for the rectifier )
  • 1 CPR, 1 S&H, 1 Gate delay, 1 Ringmodulator, 1 Slew limiter, 1 fixed +/- 5volt output.
  • 1 Analog noise and 1 Digital noise. ( Digital noise voltage controlled
  • 1 6 Banana to 3,5 mm minijack connectors.
  • 1 Input module with trigger, gate and envelop out.
  • 1 Stereo output module with dual panning and dual VCA. ( off course voltage controlled)

The Fénix II PP is available to pre-order for €4999. Patch Point is planning to build 100 Fénix II PP analog modular synthesizers in small batches. The first batch is 30, and they say that there are currently 14 left available.


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