Osmose Sound Design Update


Expressive E shared another sneak preview of their upcoming and long-delayed Osmose synthesizer.


The Expressive E Osmose was originally intended to be released in 2020, but the pandemic and global supply chain issues have delayed production.


The video features composer Tonnerre exploring the current state of some of the Osmose sounds that their in-house sound designers have created, using the EaganMatrix by Haken Audio, Osmose’s internal synth engine.


The sounds include subtractive synth sounds, FM keys, physical modeling pluck, and pads, all taking advantage of the expressive possibilities offered by the Osmose’s Augmented Keyboard Action.

The Osmose features the most expressive synth keyboard ever, supporting continuous pressure control per key, press & tap, left/right pitch vibrato and more.

The company now says that the Osmose will be available ‘soon’, priced at $1,799.


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