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The Neko XXL is the only Open Labs products line featuring 4 panels of physical control and it is the corner stone to any high end production studio. The Neko XXL features 61-key semi-weighted synth action keyboard and weight approximately 46 lbs. The Neko XXL features 10 input, 10 output sound card, in addition of a balance output.

The Neko XXL is equipped with 2 USB ports and a Firewire port. The Ethernet on the back of the XXL can be used to download plug-ins, authorize plug-ins or allow Open Labs online technicians access to the instrument, troubleshoot and assist you to familiarize with the instrument. Additionally, the Neko XXL’s external VGA output is ideal for studios who want to accommodate multiple screens.

The Neko XXL also incorporates a full version of the Ableton Live 7 software, an ideal companion for anyone; musicians or music producers doing any live sequencing, remixing or studio production.

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