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The Open Labs Neko EX5 Keyboard is the Home Studio Gen 5 E-Series. The Neko EX5 is an alternative to Neko and Miko L-series products and at a more affordable price. The Open Labs Neko EX5 features 61-key semi-weighted, synth-action keyboard with after touch, 15″ LCD Display Color Touch Screen, 200 plus world-class virtual instruments and effects, including 7,500 plus high-quality pre-sets sounds , with virtually unlimited capability for third party plug-ins and applications.

In a nutshell, the Open Labs Neko EX5 Home Studio instrument is fully integrated, custom configured, and well-equipped to allow you to record and produce music right out of the box. The components that create professional studio have been unified into a single coherent instrument with keyboard synthesizers, drum machines, audio interfaces, a mixing console and a powerful computer foundation to give your home studio the power to produce music like a professional for a fraction of the cost and take your music production to new level of realism.

The Open Labs Neko EX5 is perfect for studios, producers and gigging keyboardists. The Portable keyboard weight 46 lbs. The large touch screen is great because you can physically touch anything on the screen (VST controls, Pro tools and etc.,) without requiring the use of a mouse. With superior audio quality and upgrade capabilities, the Open Labs Neko EX5 will always be updated and your workstation always sound good.

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