Ohm Force Releases Ohmicide, It’s First Eurorack Module at Superbooth 2024

Ohm Force has introduced Ohmicide Eurorack, a new synth module, based on its distortion plugin of the same name.

All 111 of the plugin’s distortion algorithms are available in the Ohmicide Eurorack module. The routing, though, has been redesigned for Eurorack.

The signal is first split into two bands, using the XOVER parameter knob, with the lower band not being processed, preserving the bass content for more control, while the higher band then goes into a low-pass filter, the frequency of which is controlled with the LPF IN parameter knob.

Desired distortion is selected using the TYPE parameter knob (and associated small screen), with 37 different distortions and shapers available — ranging from wave- shapers, wave folding, saturations, overdrive, fuzz, and bit-crushing through to completely unique distortions, including a fractal chaotic feedback equation, cyclic distortions, slew rate limiters, analogue sample & hold emulation, noise-based distortions, a ball bouncing on walls (with velocity controlled by the input signal), a fridge emulation, or one based on Lorenz strange attractors.

Each distortion then has three variants that are accessible via the FAM switch — namely, S (‘Standard’), which is the raw algorithm; X (‘Xxx’, which sounds more like a tube amp); and O (‘Odd’, which introduces inharmonic distortions). Distortion can then be further controlled using the BIAS and MOD parameter knobs.

Last, the distorted signal reaches another low-pass filter whose frequency is controlled with LPF OUT, this time allowing users to ‘tame’ the distortion by progressively removing the harmonics generated in the distortion stage.

Ohmicide Eurorack also has an automatic gain staging that preserves the power of the input signal all the way through to the output. This lets you play with the module, without worrying about whether the signal will suddenly become extremely loud.

All of Ohmicide Eurorack’s parameters are also CV-controllable, while the GAIN, MOD, BIAS, and XOVER jacks also have associated attenuverters.

Ohmicide Eurorack will be available worldwide as of May 16, 2024, with an MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) of €465.00 (including VAT)/$419.00.


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