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Musikmesse 2013 – A Classic Synthesizer re-worked for the 21st Century with 70’s thinking. The new Novation Bass Station II is an analogue mono-synth based on the classic original Novation BassStation. The Bass Station II features 25 full sized ‘synth-action’ keyboard with aftertouch, two filters, two oscillators and a sub-oscillator, patch save capability, and analog effects, a step-sequencer, arpeggiator, onboard modulation, and MIDI and USB.

The Novation Bass Station II layout and controls are very much in keeping with the original, and feel solid. The case is a more muted gray, and not as loud as some recent Novation outings. The cooler features on the Bass Station II: LFO slew, hard oscillator sync, and velocity mapping are very nice, indeed. And this does qualify as “analog,” with an analog signal path and analog filters, even with a switchable diode filter modeled on the 303 for what Novation describes as “acid” and “squelchy” sounds. And you get lots of hands-on controls for the synth, a welcome feature.

The new Bass Station II is improved, expanded, and more connected. This is yet another entry from OSCar and Wasp creator Chris Huggett, who contributed to some legendary synth designs and has continued to work with Novation.

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Novation Bass Station II

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