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The Nord Wave Synthesizer is both lightweight and solidly built. Weighing in at merely 6 kg, the instrument was made for live gigs. Controls; 33 knobs, 3 notched endless encoders and 33 buttons are located at the front panel. The LCD screen shows the value of all parameters while editing, especially the names of multi-samples and digital waveforms. The value of certain parameters is shown in its true unit of measurement; frequency in Hz, time in seconds, intervals in semitones. A dedicated Panic button can cut all notes and is ideal for gigs.

The Nord Wave features 49-keys 4-octave keyboard that is sensitive to both velocity and pressure. The Nord Wave has an extensive sound range from imitations of vintage analogs, digital hybrids to acoustic instruments with a 189 MB Flash Memory pre-filled to ninety per cent. The multi-samples are well assembled, well looped and musical. The best part of this multi-sample bank is the Mellotron, since its samples are static. The Nord Wave offers no less than 250 MB recorded from Mellotron built from original parts. Nord Wave shines in synth sounds like synth basses, soft leads, portamento, arpeggios, pads and digital sounds. The Nord Wave is a digital synthesizer with 18-note polyphony. The memory contains 8 banks of 128 programs, including 3 pre-programmed. Fortunately, you can scroll through programs by number, category or alphabetically and they are simple and effective. Its range of sounds is surprising, with very different and perfectly complementary timbres within easy reach.

If all these sounds complicated, you got the wrong impression, it is the exact opposite. I have the distinct impression that the Nord Wave Manager takes care of most of the work with excellent results.  The Nord Wave is a concentration of synthesis types with excellent musicality, user friendly, robust, and lightweight and the instrument is built for live performances.

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