Nord Electro 4 HP Keyboard

The new Nord Electro 4 HP Hammer Action Portable keyboard new features turbocharge your performances. The Electro 4 HP features 73 keys superb hammer action portable E-E keybed with 4 selectable dynamic response curves, 9 Digital LED drawbars on the organ section, Double memory capacity ; 380 MB flash memory is dedicated to Nord Piano Library and 128 MB flash memory to Nord Sample Library, 40-60 Voices Polyphony for Piano Library sounds and 15 Voices for Sample Library sounds, Nord C2D Tone wheel simulation with enhanced 122 Rotary simulation and Drive, MIDI-over-USB, enhanced Sound Manager functionality, Effects; Effect 1, Effect 2, Three band EQ, Delay, Compressor/Amp and Reverb.

The Nord Electro 4 HP has twice the memory capacity to that of its predecessor the Nord Electro 3 HP, and this is important due to it’s extensive sound library that you would want to load on board. The Electro 4 HP’s Organ section has been upgraded to the latest Tone Wheel engine that you can find on the C2D dual manual organ and a pair of stunning new vintage Leslie simulations. Nord has improved the percussion and key click by modelling each note’s click giving a truly authentic sound. Tons of superb sounds – the pianos section is divided into six different types; Grand for acoustic and electric grand pianos, Upright Pianos, Electric Piano 1 with tine, Electric Piano 2 with reed, Clavichords/ Harpsichords and Samples from the sample library. Each of these types has instrument models and they sound and feel very authentic. Steinway Grand Lady D piano sound is superb and if you like something a little brighter you can choose the excellent Yamaha Bright Grand.

The Nord Electro 4 HP is a professional keyboard for live playing. Weighs merely 11 kg, this keyboard is extremely portable, very playable, with quality effects and great piano and organ sounds.

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